10. maj 2023


About the symposium

A symposium about caring production conditions

At The Betty Nansen Theater we are in the middle of reshaping the way we produce theatre at an institutional theatre to create more sustainable, collective, and joyful conditions of production for everybody involved. This poses many different challenges: economic, relational, structural. We would like to share and start a conversation about these challenges with you. We will discuss possible futures for performing art institutions: how can we reshape performing art institutions to create more sustainable, collective, and joyful conditions of production for everybody involved?

We will discuss questions such as:

- How can we change systemic conditions and traditions of power to liberate artists and the institution to allow for artistic development with a focus on sustainable processes and life?

- How can knowledge and experience from the free groups and performance collectives contribute to rethinking and reshaping the performing arts institution as a more inclusive space for radical collective co-creation, artistic research, and care?

- What could a dreamscape ecology of performing art institutions look like?



Welcome by The Betty Nansen Theatre / Coffee and croissants / warm up / vinyl DJ

Session 1: Keynote Speak by scholar in performance studies Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt: "Aesthetics of Production: Frames of Art Framing Life".

Q & A with Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt moderated by Associate Professor in Theatre and Performance Studies Solveig Gade

Discussion groups


Session 2: Performative presentation by managing directors at Theater am Neumarkt (Zürich) Tine Milz, Julia Reichert and Hayat Erdogan: "Love Fight Play: Towards an Unconditional Theatre"


Discussion groups

Summing up

Dinner at Madklubben Frederiksberg


Slow start: Coffee and croissants / warm up / vinyl DJ

Session 1: Performative presentation by performer, director, teacher, and producer from Konträr and queer-feminist performance collective Potato Potato Linda Forsell: ”Hubris, Collectivity, Madness, and Caring as Methods of Creating the Impossible”

Q & A with Linda Forsell moderated by dramaturge Tom Silkeberg


Session 2: Workshop with choreographer, dancer, and researcher Ana Dubljević: ”Towards a Feminist Dramaturgy”.

Slow ending


CONTRIBUTION: Aesthetics of Production. Frames of art framing lives by Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt

Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt (Denmark) employed as assistant professor and deputy director at the New Carlsberg Foundation research centre Art as Forum at the University of Copenhagen. She has studied comparative literature, applied theatre studies and modern cultural studies in Denmark and Germany, and has worked as performance artist and curator. She currently researches on the structural precarity, artists’ collectives, separatist organization, and diversity work in cultural policy. She is the author of a.o. the book “Produktionsæstetik. En feministisk arbejdskritik mellem kunst og liv” (2022), published by Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology.

CONTRIBUTION: Love Play Fight: Towards an Unconditional Theater by Hayat Erdoğan, Tine Milz and Julia Reichert

Since 2019 we collectively run the Theater Neumarkt – a municipal theater with an own ensemble and workshops. Conceptually and structurally, we have opened the theater towards an institution that plays with the idea of being an institution. Theater Neumarkt is Playground, Academy, Residency, assembly space and much more. The Theater program tries to not reproduce canonical theater, it’s rather leaning towards experimental artistic creations. The production logics and processes have thus opened to more collaborative, co-creative processes.


Hayat Erdoğan is a dramaturge, curator, and lecturer in performing arts and cultural and aesthetic theories (Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich University of the Arts, independent projects, Theater Neumarkt). She studied literature, linguistics, dramaturgy and began a PhD in philosophy in 2015. She has been artistic co-director at Theater Neumarkt Zurich since the 2019/20 season. She also writes, including as a columnist for the culture magazine 041.


Tine Milz, born 1989, studied Political Science, Economics and Literature at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, with stays abroad in Paris and Venice. 2015-2019 she studied Dramaturgy and Fine Arts at the Zurich University of the Arts. She worked as a production dramaturg at Schauspiel Frankfurt and Münchner Kammerspiele under Matthias Lilienthal and was part of the jury of the festival Politik im Freien Theater (2018). She has worked with Terese Willstedt, Satoko Ichihara, Benny Claessens, Nils Amadeus Lange, Annina Machaz, Teresa Vittucci, David Marton, Prodromus Tsinikoris/Anestis Azas, THE AGENCY, Mammalian Diving Reflex among others. Milz’s artistic focus is on developing new, contemporary & transdisciplinary theater works that move between theater, performance, literature, music, film, discourse and dance. Milz thinks in networks and in international and local collaborations. Since 2019 Hayat Erdogan, Julia Reichert and Tine Milz form the artistic Co-Directorium of Theater Neumarkt.


Julia Reichert, born in Munich, is the artistic Co-Director of Theater Neumarkt. She has been working as a dramaturge at various municipal theaters in Germany and Switzerland, including the Münchner Kammerspiele, Schauspielhaus Zürich & Theater Freiburg, among others with Theater Hora, Jessica Glause, Felix Rothenhäusler, Ivna Zic, Sylvia Sobottka, Rene Pollesch, Milo Rau, & others. She has a love/hate relationship with “the institution” and is interested in theater as social art and the peripheries of institutional theater, performative learning and situational understanding, with a particular interest in documentary theatre forms. She doesn’t like to be cool & sees theatre as a possibility for playful and entertaining acts of solidarity and pretense. Since 2019 Hayat Erdogan and Tine Milz and Julia Reichert form the artistic Co-Directorium of Theater Neumarkt, leading the small theater with a playful approach under the Motto “LOVE PLAY FIGHT”.

CONTRIBUTION: Hubris, Collectivity, Madness and Caring as Methods of Creating the Impossible by Linda Forsell

Linda Forsell (Sweden) is a theatre director, a curator and one of five artistic directors of PotatoPotato Performing arts, Malmö, Sweden. An independent group that for the last fifteen years has created experimental performance, challenged norms, and created new creative methods.

PotatoPotato has a venue in Malmö since 2014 and the winter of 2022 the group opened a new venue; KONTRÄR at Södermalm, Stockholm. A unique avant-garde space for international guest performances and co-productions.

CONTRIBUTION: Towards a Feminist Dramaturgy by Ana Dubljević

In this workshop, Ana Dubljević invites us to view (feminist) dramaturgy – not only as production of meaning on stage, but also as the common practice of thinking-feeling within the process of creation, organisation, production and dissemination of a performance.
If in our relationship with the audience, we leave the authority of one central viewing point, can the feminist dramaturgical thinking help us to also leave it in the working process, both intentionally and simultaneously? How can we lead processes based on the practices of pleasure and care? How can we lead processes not with efficiency, but through co-existing in disagreement and with those that provide space for uncertainties despite the fear, because they see space as freedom? Can those different processes produce different shows, and if so how?

Participants are invited to reflect and share examples of their own artistic and cultural practices and map the problems and possibilities of this type of approach.
This session will be based on texts from the book by Ana Dubljević – “The Feminist Pornscapes. On Feminist Dramaturgical Thinking in Dance and Performance Practice”. Take a peak here 

Ana Dubljevic (Belgrade)
works with dance, choreography and performance. She graduated from MA in Choreography and Performance in Giessen. Next to choreographic work, Ana performs, teaches and explores what dramaturgy in dance could be. Her work is currently supported by APAP network. Her book “The feminist pornscapes, on feminist dramaturgical thinking in dance and performance practice” was published in 2021. She is passionate about erotic poetry and hopes for a planetary general strike.